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HCC Campus Gardens . . Students in Biology I lab Dr. Rob Holmes points out structures and features of a human brain in Human A&P


The flowers are blooming in the Crimson Courtyard gardens located between Lockman Hall and the HCC Pond.

The Gardens are a cooperative project between the Master Gardener’s program from the Kansas State/Reno County Extension service and the HCC Maintenance Staff.

The Gardeners help maintain a series of gardens surrounding the HCC pond and Crimson Courtyard as both a learning/service project and a beautification effort for the College.


The HCC Criminal Justice program meets the needs of a diverse student population by offering 3 different degree options.

Criminal justice is a broad field with professionals serving as law enforcement officers, probation and parole officers, correctional officers, correctional counselors, and other specialties at the local, state and federal levels

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In our Criminal justice program you’ll learn dactyloscopy, the science of fingerprint identification and much more.

HCC instructors are experienced criminal justice professionals with a “real world” approach to teaching. They provide a solid foundation upon which students can build their future careers, as well as providing for practical application of skills.

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HCC Field Operations is an opportunity for paramedic students across Kansas to come together and do scenario based training.

HCC is in a unique position to be of service to other community colleges. With our equipment, facilities, budget, staff and students we can invite other colleges to come spend time with us in a scenario based environment that prepares them for field internship and their life as a paramedic.


Students planning to enroll at Hutchinson Community College in the Fall of 2015 can sign up for one of the four upcoming Enrollment Days.

Students will meet with advisors, learn more about majors and career choices and receive information about campus activities and housing opportunities.

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