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Why This Program?

The Computer Support Specialist program is a two year program geared to get you ready to enter a challenging and rewarding IT career.  Computer Support Specialist’s is an information technology professional, and are responsible for providing technical assistance to end users of a firm’s computer system.  Employable in organizations of all sizes across all industry, the Specialist answers a vast array of questions, ranging from simple desktop troubleshooting, internet connection problems, and instructing users how to work features of their system.
The CSS staff members are industry vets with certifications and business knowledge in the course areas they teach with real experience to pass forward in the classroom.  It isn’t enough to know the book; you need to know implementation and we have you covered on that.  As part of the program you will have the opportunity to earn the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications indicating that you are someone who knows their stuff.  You also have the ability to test for other CompTIA certifications on campus through our VUE testing center.  In addition to classroom hands on learning, internships in actual job positions are part of the program.  Get experience while you are learning to go into your industry job interview with the skill set and confidence you need.

Brief Explanation

This program prepares students for a variety of computer-related positions. Software, hardware, networking and web expertise is needed in virtually all companies today.

Program Outcomes

1. Demonstrate professional attitude and work ethic including collaboration and communication skills.
2. Evaluate current operating systems, application programs, hardware, networking, security and troubleshooting techniques.
3. Develop and apply specialized computer technology skills, in a hands-on industry setting.
4. Distinguish and appropriately apply industry terminology and standards in computer technology.
5. Research and obtain appropriate information, evaluate alternative solutions and make decisions as applied to computer technology.