Succeed and Achieve

The Succeed and Achieve program introduces students to college life with classes specially designed to help them succeed at HCC.  With fewer classrooms, fewer students, and instructors who work together, students will be introduced to all aspects of college life with built-in support and study help.  Students will learn about HCC’s support services, as well as transfer information and career opportunities.  Students in this program are less likely to drop out of college and more likely to build lasting relationships with peers and instructors.

In spring 2014, the Succeed and Achieve success rate (a grade of A, B, or C) was 83% and the retention rate was 85.6%.



English, Math, and Reading Learning Community schedule for Fall 2014


The English Comp. IB and Psychology Learning Community schedule for Fall 2014 is as follows:

          EN100 001 English Composition IB  at 10:20 MWF
          EN099 001 Elements of Writing          at 10:20 TR
          PS100 151 General Psychology          at   9:10 MWF

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