The following resources may help you with your studies and your success at HCC.

Time Management Aid
Free/Low cost Reading Apps
Note-taking tips (via HCCOnline)
Khan Academy--for math, science, economics, and history

Purple Math
Free graph paper

Typing Tutorials and Practice
Microsoft Office 2013 Tutorials

Plagiarism Explained (via HCCOnline)
ESL Writing help--A Writer's Reference,--includes links to ESL Listening Labs
ESL Writing help--Purdue's Online Writing Lab
Dave’s ESL Café--explains idioms and slang
The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) General Writing, Grammar, Research and Citation (covers MLA, APA, and Chicago essay formats), Subject-Specific Writing, ESL
Material for First-Year Writers
What Do Professors Expect in an Academic Essay? (via HCCOnline)
Technical Writing Wiki
Grammar Monster

Test Anxiety Resource
TEAS® Exam Review
ACT Compass Sample Test Questions
CLEP Test Preparation
Flashcards via Cram and ProProfs Online


Other Services

RLRC houses HCC's retention program, which monitors students' attendance in selected classes, helps students with time management and scheduling, and refers students to tutoring and other support services.  

Some RLRC faculty members also provide academic advising services for GED referrals and students in learning communities or developmental education classes. (Academic advisers are assigned to current and prospective students based on the student’s major or undecided status. Students can see who their advisor is by l

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