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Why This Program?

If you're interested in a career repairing and servicing medium and heavy duty trucks, then this program is for you. Students have the ability to become AGCO Certified Technicians on tractors, combines, hay equipment and planters. In this program students will learn the fundamentals of diesel engine operation, agricultural equipment maintenance and repair in a hands-on, live-action environment. Agricultural Diesel courses are taught at HCC’s four hundred acre, South Campus.

Brief Explanation

The Agriculture Diesel Mechanics curriculum prepares students with technical knowledge and skills for employment as service technicians at implement dealerships or independent shops. The course of study includes repair and service of diesel engines, hydraulics, transmissions, air conditioning and electrical systems on agriculture and light industrial equipment.

Program Outcomes

1. Analyze what to consider when purchasing new or used agricultural equipment
2. Operate and handle agricultural equipment safely
3. Monitor and adjust agricultural equipment for good performance
4. Service, inspect, and repair various types agricultural equipment
5. Practice safety and cleanliness procedures when working on diesel fuel systems
6. Efficiently schedule and accomplish work assignments

From turning wrenches in the diesel mechanics program to giving reasons with the livestock judging team, I feel that HCC helped develop the skills that I use in my job today. I currently handle agriculture policy for U.S. Senator Jerry Moran in Washington, D.C. and Kansas. This job requires me to think on my feet, pay close attention to detail, and be able to communicate complex issues in a simple way – the same fundamentals of communication I learned on the judging team. HCC gave me an understanding of how agriculture works at the ground level. The time on the school farm fixing tractors, the long nights in the judging van, and the dedicated teachers in the classroom taught me invaluable lessons when it comes to people, livestock, and how agriculture works from the ground up.

Washington, D.C.
~B randon Harder