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curriculum document Farm and Ranch Management - AAS

Why This Program?

Do you like working outdoors?  Enjoy working with plants and animals?  Would you like to be able to solve problems producers face in agriculture?  HCC Farm and Ranch Management may be the program for you.

The farm and ranch industry includes not only crop and animal production, but also the processing, distribution and marketing of various food stuffs.  If crops are your forte, you could work on farms, in crop consulting firms, or for seed and chemical suppliers and applicators.  In animal agriculture, opportunities include herd management, feed sales, and genetic or nutrition consulting.

Occupations in crop and animal agriculture require a variety of skills.  Technology has had a tremendous influence on agriculture methods, so a strong background in science and computer technology is important.  Because many of the opportunities also involve a business aspect, management and marketing skills are important.

In recent decades, a new technology in the form of larger and more efficient farm machinery and computerization of farm equipment and financial systems have resulted in higher yields and increased productivity. Technological improvements will continue, increasing demands for individuals with advanced skills.

An Associate in Applied Science in Farm and Ranch Management will prepare you for these careers and give you the technical skills you will need to succeed in this occupation.

Brief Explanation

This program provides training for individuals who plan to return to the farm or seek employment as farm managers or with agri-business firms. Students receive practical farm or agricultural related experience through supervised summer field experience.

Program Outcomes

1. Develop a resource use plan, which integrates the functions and activities of management in the organization and control of farm and ranch resources
2. Generate a production plan for one economic crop produced in the central United States
3. Determine plant nutrient management strategies in agronomic systems for economic response and environmental protection applicable in the central United States region
4. Evaluate production techniques that will promote positive stewardship of natural resources
5. Incorporate technology in solving problems on farms and ranches, including global positioning systems, genetically modified organisms, and other scientific solutions

My experience at HCC in the Ag. program helped to gain industry contacts by being involved on the Livestock Judging team and the Block and Bridle club. Some of my favorite things about HCC were the hands-on features of the Ag. classes, the one-one relationship you develop with instructors, and the opportunity to take part in short-term classes like Artificial Insemination school. I still use the connections I established while at HCC today.

Sublette, KS
Graduate Student-Animal & Dairy Science,
Mississippi State University
~L yndi Jury