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Radiologic Technology - AAS

Allied Health

Contact: Renee KAUTZER (620)665-4954
Contact: Todd SAZAMA (620)665-4939
Department Co-Chair: Debbie HACKLER (620)665-4931
Department Co-Chair: Todd SAZAMA (620)665-4939

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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 75 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6

Basic structure and function of the human body. Lecture and lab.
Pre-Reqs: BI101 or BI104 or BI105 or BI112, or BI100 Bas Cncpt for AH Studies with a grade of C or better

BI115 Basic Radiation Biology 2

Effects of ionizing radiation in biological systems and background for understanding the public right to minimal radiation exposure.
Pre-Reqs: BI103 Human A&P

BU120 Job Search/Retention 1

Job-search skills and career development including topics such as completing an application form and resume, developing interviewing techniques, developing job leads, and investigating career opportunities, job requirements and career ladders.

IS103 Microcomputer Literacy 2

Study of microcomputer including word processing, spreadsheets, database, necessary hardware concepts and terminology.

MA106 College Algebra 3

Theory of equations, functions, inverse functions, complex numbers, determinants and matrices.
Pre-Reqs: Accuplacer Math Score of 81+, or ACT Math Score of 21 or higher, or MA105 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of C or higher

PS100 General Psychology 3

A survey of the fundamental principles of behavior including physiological, perceptual, historical, methodological, learning, memory, development, motivational, emotional, social and applied perspectives.

RA102 X-Ray Terminology 3

Fundamentals of x-ray terminology including prefixes, suffixes, word roots and combining forms and anatomical terminology with emphasis on topographic anatomy and pathology.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance

RA105 Radiographic Exposures I 4

Radiographic quality and factors affecting it. Radiation protection and biological aspects of radiation. Routine radiography positioning and image critiques. Students are required to be at an affiliate clinical site a total of 16 hours.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance

RA106 Radiographic Exposures II 4

Radiographic quality and factors affecting it; laboratory experiments using radiographic exposure; routine radiographic positioning and film critiques.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA105 Radiographic Exposures I

RA110 Introduction to Clinical Training 3

Radiographic procedures and x-ray department routines; new developments in radiologic technology, professional ethics, patient care and job responsibilities.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA105 Radiographic Exposures I

RA115 Radiologic Physics 2

Basic physics concepts with application of radiation in medicine. Emphasis on atomic, electrical and electromagnetic physics and radiographic equipment.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance

RA201 Clinical Training I 8

Entry-level training as professional, ethical, and safe radiographer to include the application of radiologic science theory and techniques. Performed under the direct supervision of a registered radiologic technologist.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA205 Radiographic Exposures III

RA202 Clinical Training II 8

Development of clinical skills through supervised practice of radiologic science theory and techniques learned in Clinical Training I. Application of computed tomography theory and techniques under direct supervision of a registered CT technologist.
Pre-Reqs: RA201 Clinical Training I with a Grade of C or Higher

RA203 Clinical Training III 5

Continued supervised practice of radiologic theory and techniques learned in previous Clinical Training courses. Application of quality assurance practices and introduction to diagnostic imaging management. Demonstration of professional and patient care skills that meet or exceed standards expected of a registered radiographer.
Pre-Reqs: RA202 Clinical Training II with a Grade of C or Higher

RA205 Radiographic Exposures III 4

Radiographic quality and factors affecting it; principles of tomography, image intensification, indirect viewing devices, portable x-ray equipment and quality assurance; routine radiographic positioning and film critique.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA106 Radiographic Exposures II

RA210 Imaging Modalities 2

Imaging principles, equipment and contrast media of special imaging modalities including ultrasound, angiography, computed tomography, digital imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA205 Radiographic Exposures III

RA211 Skull Radiography 2

Anatomy and radiographic positioning of skull, facial bone, sinuses, mastoids and temporal bone; film assessment of anatomy, positioning and techniques.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA205 Radiographic Exposures III

RA212 Physical Foundation of Radiology 4

X-ray production, interaction and modifying factors at the x-ray control panel and within the patient; review of radiation protection principles.
Pre-Reqs: Radiology Acceptance, and RA201 Clinical Training I

RA213 Radiographic Principles 3

Preparation for the America Registry of Radiologic Technologist registry exam through review of fundamental and advanced principles of radiologic technology, anatomy and physiology, radiation safety and patient care including successful completion of the simulated registry examination.
Pre-Reqs: RA202 Clinical Training II

English Composition I Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

SH101 Public Speaking OR SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3
Course Title Credits
SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00

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