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Academic Support Services

Academic support staff is located on the first floor of the Rimmer Learning Resource Center. These services include free, drop-in tutoring services, the coordination of campus-wide learning communities and a retention technician who works with students needing additional resources or assistance when they have missed class or are having academic difficulty.

Disability Services

The Accessibility Services Office, located in the Parker Student Union, provides and coordinates services to students with disabilities, promotes equal educational opportunities, and provides equal access to all institutional programs and services. Accommodations are provided on an individualized, as-needed basis as outlined in the Accommodations Handbook. Students requesting accommodations must provide current documentation regarding the nature of his or her disability and the need for accommodation. Examples of accommodations include exam accommodations, note-taking, sign language interpreting, and the use of special equipment.

Hutchinson Community College encourages students to be as independent as possible on campus and to use those services which help maximize learning. So that services are in place on the first class day, early contact with the Accessibility Services Office for students with disabilities is encouraged.

Health Insurance

All students are strongly urged to participate in a health insurance plan. Students are encouraged to check their eligibility to be included in their family plan or if their age exceeds limits for being included in their family coverage.
The college does not sponsor or recommend any health insurance plan but does place brochures from companies offering student health insurance in racks in the Student Success Center, Parker Student Union.

Health Services

The Hutchinson Area Student Health Services (HASHS) provides primary care for illnesses, minor injuries, family planning and health-related social issues for HCC students with a current HCC student ID.  At the student’s request, the HASHS staff will consult with the student’s hometown physician. The medical staff consists of physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are under the supervision of a local physician.

HASHS suggests that students establish themselves with a local physician for the management of chronic medical problems. HASHS will assist with referrals if desired.

HASHS prefers to see patients by appointment only, but every effort is made to offer same-day appointments.  It is important that students call or stop by to make an appointment no later than 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. because the medical staff leaves for the day after the last appointment.  Students need to present their HCC student ID at the time of the appointment.  Walk in appointments will be seen only if staff schedules allow.

HCC student enrollment fees cover only the cost of office visits. Medications, labs, x-rays, etc.are not included.  Hospitalization and emergency room visits also are not included.  HCC Students are encouraged to carry private medical insurance to cover these expenses.  Information about insurance plans for students is available in the Student Success Center, Parker Student Union.

Hours Available By Appointment Only

Open Monday - Thursday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm, with appointments starting at 9:00 am. 

Wednesday afternoons 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Phone 662-7416
We are located just north of the HCC campus at 516 E. 14th St..

JFK Library Services

Located in the lower level of Rimmer Learning Resources Center, John F. Kennedy Library provides research assistance and instructional services to students, faculty, and staff.  Services are supported by approximately 40,000 volumes of books and videos; 120 periodical subscriptions; numerous article databases; and over 11,000 e-books.  Students can access the e-books, databases, and their library account through DragonZone.  Seating is available for 60 in addition to a 15-seat computer lab.  The library is supported by 3 full-time and 2 part-time staff and a few student employees.

Go directly to John F. Kennedy Library website

Records Office

The records office seeks to:

Create, maintain, and provide accurate student academic records in compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations.
Ensure continuously satisfactory service through good management practices and responsible utilization of resources.
Establish daily business practices which reflect the most advanced technological methods available to improve service.

Interpret Hutchinson Community College, Board of Regents, and governmental policies to faculty, staff, students, parents and the general public.

Additional information:

Student Success Center Services

Career Counseling and Testing

HCC counselors assist current and prospective students through the process of exploring career options, gathering personal and occupational information, and making sound career decisions.  Counselors assist students in the career decision-making process using a variety of assessments including interest and personality inventories and work values questionnaires.  Interactive computer systems are also available, allowing students to work independently exploring their interests, values, and abilities relative to the career choice process.

Interested persons should schedule an appointment with a college counselor to determine which assessments would be most appropriate.  There is a charge for career assessment testing for individuals who are not currently enrolled at the college.  There are no testing charges for currently registered HCC students.

Personal Counseling

Professional counselors provide a confidential and empathetic environment in which students may seek assistance with the many varied and complicated issues facing them.  Personal counseling services are designed to assist students with emotional and behavioral problems that may interfere with the successful attainment of college goals.  Typical counseling needs among college students include stress and anxiety issues, alcohol and drug abuse, loneliness, eating and sleeping disorders, and relationship problems.  Students in need of long-term or clinical psychological treatment are referred to outside agencies and services.

The Student Success Center – Hutchinson Campus

Counselors are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday and evenings by appointment. To schedule an appointment call (620) 665-3377.

McPherson Center: (620) 245-0202

Newton Center: (316) 283-7000

Residence Halls

There are two residence halls, Elland and Kent Hall, as well as two apartment complexes, Dragon's Landing 1 and 2, providing on-campus housing for approximately 530 students.  They are conveniently located one block from the main campus.  Services include commercial laundry machines, change and vending machines, TV lounges, microwaves on every floor, High Speed Wireless internet access in each room and all common areas, and keycard access to the halls.

There are staff on-duty in the residence halls 24 hours a day. The staff includes a director, assistant director, adult supervisors, security staff and resident assistants who are HCC students. The residence life staff plan monthly social activities for the entire complex as well as activities for each floor.

For an information packet, call the Residence Life Office at 1-800-289-3501 ext. 3436 or
via email at

Rimmer Learning Resource Center

The Rimmer Learning Resource Center (RLRC) provides the following services; an open computer lab, tutoring services, academic support services on the first floor, and the JFK Library  on the lower level.  More in-depth descriptions of these services follow.

Current operating hours are posted on the website under Rimmer Learning Resource Center.

Student Financial Assistance

Federal Student Financial Aid

Hutchinson Community College is committed to providing clear and understandable information regarding the student financial aid process as well as timely and accurate financial assistance to all eligible students.

Visit the Hutchinson Community College Web site for detailed information about the following:

  • How to apply for financial Aid
  • Who Qualifies for aid
  • What types of aid are available
  • Who to talk to about financial aid

Institutional Scholarships

Hutchinson Community College offers a variety of scholarships that are as diverse as our student body.  Whether you are a full time or part time student, seeking vocational training or looking to transfer to a university, we have a scholarship that you may qualify for.  Scholarships are designed to recognize and reward students for academic performance, participation in activities and leadership abilities.

The application dateline is February 15th and can be found on the Hutchinson Community College website along with a list of scholarships offered.


Hutchinson Community College provides services for students seeking part-time employment to help offset educational, living, and social expenses. HCC has two categories of jobs: college work-study program jobs and campus payroll jobs.  Contact the Financial Aid Department for college work-study eligibility, the available jobs can be found through the Human Resources office. Both offices are located in the Parker Student Union. More information can be found through the HCC website for each Department.

Service for Veterans

The veteran’s representative, whose office is located in the Parker Student Union in the Financial Aid Office, serves as liaison with the Veterans Administration and provides services for veterans who are attending or wish to attend Hutchinson Community College. Students receiving VA benefits are responsible for payment of their tuition and fees.

The Kansas State Approving Agency recognizes Hutchinson Community College as qualified to provide college level education under all laws providing veterans' benefits. Veterans enrolling in the college are subject to the same regulations and policies as non-veteran students.

Credits from special schools of the military services and courses completed through study of the U.S. Armed Forces Institute and/or a transcript of in-service training are considered for possible conversion to college credits using the American Council on Education evaluation guides.  A currently enrolled student may apply for military service credit through the Records Office by presenting an official copy of their military transcript.

Academic Advising

Academic advising services are provided to current and prospective students who are undecided or interested in General Studies curriculum, and to students who have declared a college major. Professional academic advisors are available to assist undeclared students in setting practical and realistic academic goals.  Academic advisors help students interpret academic assessment results, enrollment restrictions, course selection, degree options, transfer information, and related academic guidance information.  Students who have declared a college major are advised by advisors from their academic departments.

Students may contact one of the following offices to speak to a General Studies Advisor:

The Student Success Center – Hutchinson Campus: (620) 665-3377

McPherson Center: (620) 245-0202

Newton Center: (316) 283-7000

Students with a declared major may contact the department chair of their academic department to speak to a departmental advisor.

1300 North Plum, Hutchinson, KS 67501
1-888-GO-HUTCH or (620) 665-3500