Advisory Council

The Volunteer Center and RSVP Advisory Council Members  

Alan Waggoner, Advisory Council Chair, Community Volunteer Carma Massingill, Visions of Hope
Karen Ash, Community Volunteer Jane Horn, Community Volunteer
Pam Fredrick, Community Volunteer  Mark Harris, DCI Inc.
Ryan Diehl, Hutchinson Community College Justin Villmer, Lucke & Associates, CPAs, L.C.
Kathy Hanks, The Hutchinson News Janet Fisher,  Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center
Andrea Ewert, Community Volunteer Beth Pisano, Community Volunteer
Ron Pfister, Community Volunteer Pam Lyle, Community Volunteer
Lona Hinshaw, Community Volunteer  

Friends in Action Advisory Council Members

Faye Summervill, Chair, Trinity United Methodist Church Herb Soukup, FIA Volunteer
Gloria Holtz, Meals on Wheels Adzi Souba, FIA Volunteer
Nancy Rice, FIA Volunteer Harold (Hap) Walters, Community Volunteer
Virginia Hymer, FIA Volunteer Marsha Maness, Community Volunteer
John Eberly, Reno County Department of Aging Elaine Fontaine, Wesley Towers


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