Computer & Industrial Tech FAQ

Q? What is the difference between degree and certificate options?
A: The certificate does not meet the course and credit requirements of a degree, and is typically shorter in length, very specific to a particular skill and absent of any general education course work.
Q? Will the AAS degree transfer?
A: Yes, the AAS degree transfers to many universities in the state of Kansas.  There are options to carry this degree in to bachelor degree programs, in face-to-face or online settings, such as technical studies, tech management, or leadership.
Q? What's the difference between HCC certificates and certifications?
  1. Certificates require completion of an organized program of study in a technical area of at least 16 but less than 60 credit hours in length.
  2. Certifications require completion of an organized program of study which range from a single course to more than 40 credit hours. Then this content is applied to a national third party exam.
Q? Do you offer scholarships?
A: Yes. Whether you are a full-time or part-time student, we have a scholarship that you may qualify for:
  • Academic
  • Activity & Departmental
  • Alumni and Friends
  • Child Care
  • Athletic
  • Endowment
Q? How much can I earn once I graduate in this field?
A: Excellent resources to wage information and job demand can be located at the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( and through the Kansas Department of Labor (
Q? Do you help with job placement?
A: Yes.  HCC - Placement Office provides employment services locating part-time and full-time positions for students, alumni, and community members.  The Placement Office also provides assistance with resume writing, interviewing technique counseling, job retention information and credential file development.
Q? How long does it take to complete this degree program?
A: Time of completion is geared toward each individual.  Your academic adviser will assist you in considering work load, family life, and school responsibilities together when determining how many credit hours to enroll in each semester.