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. . . . Dr. Rob Holmes points out structures and features of a human brain in Human A&P

Ag Horticulture

At Hutchinson Community College, not only do you have access to the highest quality instructors, but there are members of the community who serve on advisory committees and share their insights of real-world applications of what’s being taught in the classrooms.

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Hutchinson Community College offers more than two dozen opportunities for students to become engaged in a wide range of activities. Our annual Activities Fair is a great way for students to find something enjoyable to be a part of, discover a new interest and even meet new people.

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Smooth Transition

Hutchinson Community College provides academic and social experiences designed to help with a successful transition into college life.

Obtain the skills and knowledge important to success in college and beyond - study skills, goal setting, learning styles, healthy life-styles and institutional policies. Other course topics include time management, critical thinking, relationships, career planning, cultural diversity and the value of college.
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If You Build It...

Hutchinson Community College will position you to be a part of the largest private industry in the United States. Opportunities include carpentry, concrete finishing, mechanical installation, estimating and project management.

This program prepares students for entry into the construction and home building industries. Students actively participate in the construction of one structure each year.

Keeping It Cool

Learn up-to-date methods of on different types of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems found in use today. Students will be well prepared to enter this in-demand, high-tech field.

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