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Degree-seeking students should complete registration or withdrawal through DragonZone or with an Academic Advisor. Registration process is outlined in the General Enrollment Checklist.

General Enrollment Checklist

How to Add or Drop Classes

The addition or dropping of a course is taken care of either through an Academic Advisor or through DragonZone. If you are a degree-seeking student, contacting an Academic Advisor is the first step in this process.

Registration Exceptions

The following transactions must be completed through the Records Office.

  • Enrolling in credit hours exceeding the limits of the Term. (Overloaded Schedule)
  • Adding or Dropping after Refund Deadline.

Records office has established procedures for the online environment. Please contact for more explanation.


All student withdrawals fall under the Withdrawal from a Course Policy as stated in the catalog. Please review the policy for more information.

  Withdrawal Policy

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