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Residency Classification

For the purpose of being assessed college tuition, Kansas residents are persons, who, if adults, have resided, or if minors (under 18) whose parents have resided in Kansas for six months immediately preceding the first day of classes. Tuition rates differ for Kansas and out-of-state residents.

The responsibility of enrolling under proper residence classification for fee purposes is placed on the student.

If there is any question of residence classification it is the duty of the student to raise the question with the College Registrar.

To Make a Change
The student must meet the criteria on the Affidavit of Residency Form. If, after reading the form, the student feels they are able to document meeting the criteria they should: Complete the form and have it notarized

Attach copies of the documents listed which would verify establishment of residence in Kansas. Submit all documents to the Records Office for review. If a student is denied reclassification the student has 30 days from the date of denial to submit an appeal to the Residence Appeal Committee.

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