Course Placement Score Qualifications

HCC uses ACT, COMPASS, ASSET, and ACCUPLACER for Course Placement.

ACT® –English, Reading and Mathematics Scores for placement
  • English Comp 1A:  English score of 20 or higher
  • English Comp 1B:  English Score of 17-19
  • Basic English: English Score of 16 or below
  • ACT – Reading Score: 17
  • ACT – Mathematics Score:  21 or higher for College Algebra (If lower than 21, must test to be placed in a mathematics course.

COMPASS –Writing and Reading placements
Score Levels
  • English Comp 1A:  Writing placement:  76-99
  • English Comp 1B:  Writing placement:  53-75
  • Basic English :  Writing placement:  0-52
  • Reading placement:  75 or higher

ASSET – Writing and Reading Skills
Score Levels
  • English Comp 1A:  45-54
  • English Comp 1B:  41-44
  • Basic English:  0-40
  • Reading placement:  39 or higher

ACCUPLACER- Elementary Algebra
Score Levels
  • College Algebra: 75 or higher
  • Intermediate Algebra: 57-74
  • Basic Algebra: 25-56
  • Essential Principles of Math: 0-24

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