Hutchinson Community College

. . . Dr. Rob Holmes points out structures and features of a human brain in Human A&P Students in Biology I lab


HCC Students learn about the writing process through creating paper airplanes in Dan Pohl’s English class. The students launched the planes, with life quotes written on them on Lockman Hall’s front lawn.

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In Brad Fenwick’s Medieval History class students used role playing to learn about different parts of the monarchy and society including kings, queens, knights, traders, merchants and other cultural roles.

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Students in an HCC Speech course give a demonstration speech explaining about a colored fire rainbow and the chemical compounds behind it. HCC offers students a broad sweep of humanities courses from which to choose.

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Students planning to enroll at Hutchinson Community College in the Fall of 2015 can sign up for one of the four upcoming Enrollment Days.
Students will meet with advisors, learn more about majors and career choices and receive information about campus activities and housing opportunities.


The Hutchinson Community College Natural Science, Social Science, and Mathematics Department are holding a series of Math Prep sessions for students who are looking for a review of math skills and terminology. The sessions are designed for incoming students who will be taking the math placement exam, need some mathematics refreshers or have not taken a recent algebra course.

The sessions are free, but do require advance registration.
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