Learning Communities

A learning community is a class that combines two or three academic courses into a single college class - a group of students and faculty members who meet together in RLRC to explore a class theme. These classes are ten or fifteen credits, and they are a great way to meet your AA-degree and transfer requirements.

Succeed and Achieve

We are once again offering the Succeed and Achieve grouping of classes. These are a select group of classes for students who score into Reading Comprehension, Basic English, and Basic Algebra. Students must be enrolled in all of the classes to benefit from the program. You can see specifics on the attached flyer.
Program information
Academic Advising


Current and prospective students each have an academic advisor, chosen based on their major or undecided status. Students can see who their advisor is by looking in DragonZone. Advisors help students plan their academic and vocational future by clarifying assessment results, enrollment restrictions, course selection, degree options, and transfer information. Some RLRC faculty members provide such academic advising services for GED referrals and students in learning communities or developmental education classes.

Retention Program

HCC's retention program monitors students' attendance in selected classes, helps students with time management and scheduling, and refers students to tutoring and other support services.

Check Out Campus

The excitement here at HCC is contagious and we know that if you see all the things going on then you will have to come here.

What We Can Offer

Not only do we have amazing faculty but our campuses and facilities really speak to a university feel. We provide a lot of opportunities to succeed just check out these...