Contact Info

  • Hutchinson: 620-665-3517
  • Newton: 316-283-7000
  • McPherson: 620-245-0202



The HCC Campus Store will accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The Campus Store will also accept personal checks or money orders, but you must have a current student ID or drivers license and make checks payable to HCC. Check purchases cannot be refunded prior to fifteen days from purchase.

Book Charges

All book charges must have prior authorization from the HCC Business Office or the Financial Aid Office.

Order Books Online

Are you needing to purchase your textbooks but aren't able to make it to the bookstore during business hours?  Hate the fall rush crowds and want to skip the lines?  NOW YOU CAN!!
If you are purchasing your books by credit/debit card or e-check you can now order them from home anytime of day through your dragon zone account.
Once you've logged into your Dragon Zone account go to academics and then click on "my books".  From there you can add the books you need to your cart.  You can choose to have them shipped to your house or even held in the main campus bookstore for you to pick up.  The process is easy and quick and beats standing in line!!!
**Financial Aid, Book Scholarship, and 3rd Party Pay students are not able to order using the online ordering system.**

Questions can be directed to the HCC Campus Store at 620-665-3517.

HCC Campus Store Book Refund Policy

  • All returns must be accompanied by a dated sales receipt.
  • New & Used Books must be returned within the first week of the Fall and Spring semester and the first two-days of the Summer semester. Exception: The BI100 – Basic Concepts Class has only one day to return their book for full refund. Please return any CD’s or diskettes that were in your textbooks at the time of purchase.
  • Required textbooks will not be returned or exchanged without a drop slip.
  • Books purchased in a previous semester cannot be returned in a current semester.
  • Check purchases cannot be refunded prior to fifteen days from the purchase
  • All books returned after the above mentioned time frames will be purchased at the used book wholesale prices, based on current wholesale book price with appropriate dated sales receipt.
  • All returns will be set up on a refund account and will be put on to your student billing. No Cash Will Be Given Out.
  • Prepackaged books MUST remain intact, unopened in the original publisher shrink-wrap. Books removed from publisher shrink-wrap will be accepted at used book price.
  • New books must be in perfect condition, free from all writing, stains, markings, tears, or damage to the cover and binding in order to be eligible for a refund. Text refund value could depend on the book’s condition.
  • Defective books will be replaced and should be returned as soon as possible. Replacement books will be new for new, used for used where available – the student must meet any price differences.

Book Buyback Policy

A buyback will be held the week of finals beginning on Monday and ending on Thursday for the Main Campus. Dates will be posted around campus.

Buyback hours follow:

Monday & Tuesday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Off Campus Buyback:

McPherson Buyback ... Wednesday 3pm-7pm

Newton Buyback ... Thursday 3pm-7pm

Scholarship Books:

All Athletic and Academic scholarship students must return all of their books to the HCC Campus Store by 4pm the Friday of Finals week. Scholarship books not returned by Friday at 4pm will be charged to your student account.



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