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Nursing - LPN to RN Traditional Bridge - AAS

A licensed practical nurse may request advanced placement in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Individuals are encouraged to contact the director of the nursing program.


Nursing is a well-respected profession which provides a lifetime of service to others. As members of an interprofessional team they provide critical input into the health and well-being of individuals. They combine the science and art of nursing practice, and make critical judgments and decisions regarding the care provided. Nurses perform a myriad of roles, responsibilities and tasks of which the most familiar is care-giver. Their work environment is just as vast: hospitals, clinics, long-term care, military bases, correctional facilities, and educational faculties to name a few. Professional nurse deliver culturally competent, safe and effective care with compassion and expertise.


Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing Inc.
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Kansas State Board of Nursing
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Hutchinson Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The Higher Learning Commission is one of six regional institutional accreditors recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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Allied Health
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Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

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Kansas State Board of Nursing Accreditation

Program Details

Program Outcome Data
  • Admissions to ADN

    Application to the nursing program may be made September 1 through January 30 for the following fall semester. The selection committee meets on an as needed basis to consider applicants who have completed the application process. The completion of the application is the student's responsibility.

  • Admission Information
    • Official Admission to HutchCC

      Graduates of an accredited high school or the equivalent are eligible for admission to HutchCC. Students who do not meet college entrance requirements may enroll with special permission.

      HutchCC Admission Procedures  

      HutchCC Admissions Procedures

      Hutchinson Community College (HutchCC) is an open Admissions Institution. Students are admitted in one of the categories listed below. Students who have not submitted all required documentation are admitted on a provisional basis. Provisionally admitted students may enroll and attend classes pending receipt of transcripts and other required documents, but cannot be certified for participation in activities, or receive financial aid. Students remain on provisional status until all required documents are certified by the Director of Admissions.

      Once admitted, students retain their admission status in the category in which they were originally admitted unless the student seeks to change his or her status. If a student seeks to change his or her admission’s status, he/she should contact the HutchCC admissions office in order to be re-admitted. The college seeks to regularly update student information found on the admissions application.

      Program Admission Procedures  

      Admissions Procedures - Nursing - RN - Associate Degree (AD) Nursing Program

      Admission to Hutchinson Community College

      • Apply for admission to Hutchinson Community College at www.hutchcc.edu/apply as a degree seeking student.
      • Send all official transcripts to Hutchinson Community College by going to www.hutchcc.edu/transcript.
      • Application to Hutchinson Community College and official transcripts must be on file to apply to the Nursing program.

      Admission to RN Traditional Program

      Application to the RN Traditional Program may be made September 1 through January 30 for the class starting the following August.  The selection committee meets on an as needed basis to consider applicants who have completed the application process.  The completion of the application is the student's responsibility.  To meet this responsibility, the student must:

      • Successfully complete the Kaplan Admissions Exam (For details see Application Checklist and Kaplan information at: www.hutchcc.edu/adn).
      • Submit application for admission to the RN Traditional Program between September 1 and January 30.
      • Submit official transcripts to the HutchCC records office no later than January 30.
      • Complete program prerequisites: Human A & P (must be within 7 years), English Composition I, and General Psychology.  
      • Required general education courses (may be completed during program but it is recommended these be completed prior to the start of the program); Human Growth and Development, Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication, Medical Terminology, Sociology or Nutrition, and General Microbiology (must be within 7 years).  
      • GPA: GPA for all general education courses within the curriculum completed, MUST be at 2.75 or higher. All general education courses within the curriculum must be at a grade of "C" or higher. The overall college GPA must be 2.0 or higher to enter the program.
      • Applicants must be CPR certified at the healthcare provider level prior to the start of the program. The Healthcare Provider Level CPR MUST include instructor/student skill demonstration component.
      • All applicant files must be complete by January 30 to be considered for the ADN program which starts the following August. This includes the successful completion of the Kaplan exam and other information needed per any correspondence from our office. All transcripts must be received no later than February 21st in the records office.  If your file is not complete on January 30, with the exception of transcripts, your file will be pulled from the applicant pool.
      • A comprehensive physical examination and background check is required for all Nursing students and must be completed prior to the first day of the program. 

      For questions or concerns with the application process, please contact the ADN office at:  620-665-4930.

    • Reapplication

      Persons who are not accepted into a class may reapply as early as September 1, by submitting an application, application fee and transcripts of additional courses taken. GPA requirements as stated above must be maintained. General education courses must be a grade "C" or higher. All applicants must meet the current admission criteria for selection.

    • Criminal Background Checks/ Drug Screens

      All students admitted to the nursing program will be required to submit to a complete background check/drug screen prior to starting clinical experience. Results of the criminal background check and/or drug screen will be made available to the program's director/coordinator and to the student. Failure to comply with this mandate may result in the student being withdrawn. The cost of the background check is the applicant's responsibility. Contact our office with specific questions.

    • Selection Criteria

      Each phase of the admission process will be evaluated according to the point system. A sample of the scoring sheet will be available upon request. Applicants will be rank ordered based upon the total points received.

    • Waiting List

      Students on the waiting list must continue to meet all admission criteria to be able to fill vacancies if they become available.

  • Articulation

    A Licensed Practical Nurse may request placement in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Individuals are encouraged to contact the Director of the Nursing Program.

    See Admission Process for application dates and requirements.

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