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Name Email Title Phone Department Location
DJ CHASTAIN Send Email Coordinator Of Advising & Career Development 620-728-8100 Allied Health, Student Success Center SSC
BERNADETT DILLON Send Email Academic Advisor 620-728-8163 Student Success Center SSC
ERIN ELLIS Send Email Developmental Academic Advisor - Athletics 620-665-3439 Student Success Center SSC
DEBRA GRABER Send Email College Counselor/Associate Professor 620-665-3581 Student Success Center SSC
LISA JOLLIFF Send Email Coordinator Of Accessibility Services 620-665-3554 Student Success Center PSU103
CHRISTOPHER LAU Send Email Vice President Of Student Services 620-665-3583 Student Success Center SSC
ROBERT MIELKE Send Email Recreation Attendant, Part-Time 620-665-2326 Residence Life, Student Success Center PSU
CAROLYN PARSON Send Email Kansas Promise Act Coordinator 620-728-8162 Financial Aid, Student Success Center SSC
MIKE SHIRKEY Send Email College Counselor/Associate Professor 620-665-3562 Student Success Center SSC
BREA TURNER Send Email Director Of Enrollment Mang & Advising Serv 620-665-3328 President's Office, Student Success Center SSC
STACI UNRUH Send Email Academic Advisor/Student Advocate 620-665-3365 Student Success Center SSC
MELODY WAGLER Send Email Social Worker 620-665-3333 Student Success Center, Student Services PSU
MICHELLE WORTHAM Send Email Adm. Assistant To The Vp Of Student Services 620-665-3377 Student Success Center, Student Services SSC